Mediabuy的顶级玩法:暴利Offer 以及黑五类第二期培训


关于这个培训的介绍可以查看:Lifetime Commission 暴利 Offer 投放培训,Mediabuy 的顶级玩法

开课时间:定在 8 月 15 日;具体上课时间:8 月 15 号到 19 号,2 小时 X5 直播课。

这类 Offer Media buy 的技巧和建议

 Work hard on creatives.


One of the ways to be ahead of the curve is using spy tools. This approach will reflect the latest trends and what imagery works well (by the way, images of belly fat and baggy stomachs are still effective). However, make sure your creatives comply with our guidelines.

其中一个弯道超车的方法就是使用 SPY 工具,在那里你可以看到最新的趋势,和表现最好的素材(顺便说一下,有关大肚子和松松垮垮的腰的图片素材效果依旧很棒)。切记:素材不要违规!

 Create pre-landers and landing pages.

Pre-landers 和 LP 的创意

They must contain real-life stories of people who managed to lose weight/gain weight/regain hearing or other. Writing advertorials is an art, and the copies must be written professionally.

这里一定要包含真人的故事,比如减肥成功 / 增肥成功 / 重新恢复听力等,越有故事性越好。软文的撰写也是一门技术,还有一定要在吸引用户的前提下把文案写得专业些。

Invest wisely


We recommend setting up CPC higher than average in order to achieve desirable views in the first place. When your creatives are ready, they are submitted and assigned a rate, and, then, your teasers will be placed on publisher websites according to this rate. Your CTR influences your auction position — the higher it is, the better.

我们推荐大家把 CPC 设置得稍微高一点,以便得到好的展示位。当素材做好了提交后就会被设定一个价格,然后你的 banner 就会以这个价格来在具体站点展示,你的 CTR 会影响你的的竞价位置,CTR 越高,位置越好。

Types of Nutra offers

黑五 Offer 的类型

Direct Sales (DS) — A product is sold by the advertiser directly to an end consumer right away.

直销(Direct Sales):用户直接购买产生转换的产品。

Cash On Delivery (COD) — A customer makes an order and leaves his contact details. A call center manager contacts the customer to confirm the order. After confirmation, a customer receives the product and makes a payment.

货到付款(Cash On Delivery):用户在网站上下单并且填上联系信息,客服中心就会打电话给用户确认订单。当确认完毕,用户会收到货物,然后付款。



A customer provides his contact details on the advertiser's landing page: his address for the delivery and credit card information. After approval, a customer receives a free product sample. If a client does not cancel his subscription, the product is sent and full payment is charged to the credit card provided.


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